Vojenská zdravotní pojišťovna České republiky is a military health insurance company, providing healthcare since 1993 in military as well as civil medical equipments and spa resorts. Serious negotiation with policyholders and doctors is guaranteed. The insurance company takes care of its insured by a network of about 27 thousand medical equipments.

Business requirements

The reqular annual reporting to NÚKIB (National Cyber and Information Security Agency) was the primary business requirement. This mandatory report is prepared and delivered in a form of a text document and has to contain information about suspicious user behaviour. These data were collected ad-hoc and non-systematic. Their analysis was difficult. Requested solution shall automate this activity.

Delivered solution

We proposed to deliver an analytic solution for detection of suspicious activities of users in internal information systems. Our aim was to provide a user-friendly application that helps users to monitor and analyse the suspicious behaviour on a regular basis and helps to prevent information security threats.

The solution was built on ADWnow! ( – this is a platform for creation and delivery of a data warehouse as a service. The platform loads application logs and further the data analytics solution provides a set of reports and dashboards to end users.

As there are daily data loads to the solution there are many more use cases of the solution and the analysis of suspicious behaviour of end users can be systematic.

Scope of delivery:
  • overview dashboard
  • unsuccessful login
  • new user accounts
  • requests for password resets
  • usage of invalid activation code
  • unauthorized access attempts
  • application errors
  • login in non-standard time
  • login from outdated web browser
  • login from unusual IP address
  • unauthorized access from mobile device

Added value

Substantial time savings for the data analysis of applications’ logs.

Proactive notification of unusual situations.

Single overview of user behaviour in the information system.

User-friendly interface.

Solution provided as service (with no requirements for IT infrastructure, no requirements for administration and support, all the service provided and guaranteed by a single supplier).

Substantial extension of analysed data.

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