Home Credit, a leading provider of credit, loans and installment purchases in the Czech Republic, decided to migrate its analytical environment from Oracle Business Intelligence to a newer platform – Oracle Analytics. The goal of this migration was to increase user comfort while ensuring operational continuity and technical support from Oracle. The project was implemented in close cooperation with our expert consultant, who listened to the customer’s needs and identified possible problems in advance.

Fast and seamless migration of Oracle Business Intelligence to Oracle Analytics Server: Improved user comfort and business continuity.

Challenges that awaited us

Before starting the migration, it was necessary to analyze the current environment and prepare a migration plan. The consultant performed a thorough analysis of Oracle Business Intelligence and identified areas that may pose problems during the migration. The customer actively participated in the preparation of the project by providing all the necessary accesses and creating a new server to install Oracle Analytics. This cooperation enabled the project to proceed quickly and without problems.

What solutions have we brought

As part of the migration, an out-of-place migration of one version 12c instance to Oracle Analytics was performed. This method made it possible to ensure the continuity of the original environment and minimize the impact on the customer’s normal activities. Thanks to our experience with this type of project and the usual problems, everything went smoothly and on time. Within two weeks, the migration was successfully completed.

The results

The customer was extremely satisfied with the performed migration. The new Oracle Analytics brought an improved user interface that increased user comfort and clarity when working with the analytical solution. Thanks to this migration, the customer gained access to new functions and tools that expanded the capabilities of his analytical environment. At the same time, he retained the option of contacting Oracle technical support in case of any problems. Continuity of operation was ensured without significant interruption of the customer’s normal functioning.


The Oracle Business Intelligence to Oracle Analytics migration project was successfully completed thanks to close cooperation between the customer and us. The speed of the migration, great communication and ensuring business continuity brought many benefits and improvements to the customer. The new analytical environment on the Oracle Analytics platform has contributed to work efficiency, increased user comfort and the ability to use the latest functions and tools. The migration therefore represented an important step for Home Credit to remain competitive and continue to provide excellent service to its customers.

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